Violeta's Class Projects ~

Violeta's Class Projects ~ - student project

Hi! I'm really happy Ana decided to do an online class. I've been seeing all the photos from her workshops on her Facebook page and I wanted to be able to attend her classes so bad. When I found out that she started an online class I enrolled immediately.

I never got the chance to attend any workshops so when I started with watercolour painting I totally skipped the basics and found it really hard to get a grasp of what I was supposed to do. Most of my paintings are experimental and until now I’m still struggling to find my own unique style. Hopefully Ana will do more online classes in the future. She is such an inspiration to me! :)

Anyway, Here’s my preliminary exercise. It was really refreshing for me to get into the basics of watercolour painting. My favorite was playing around with different colours on the gradients and the bar exercise.


Activity 1: Monochrome Painting

I love illustrating exagerated hair details so I thought it would be interesting to try it out in this activity. This is Tale and she is one the fictional characters I created to practice with different styles of illustration. I learned a lot in this activity regarding the right brush to use, amount of water and color layering.


Activity 2: Experimental Watercolour Painting

This second activity is my favorite so far! I had so much fun thinking of different combinations of paint (Winsor&Newton, Gansaitambi & Dr.Ph Martin's) with other mediums. I will list down some of the other stuff I tried that weren't mentioned in the video.

Rubbing Alcohol - Has a slightly similar effect with bleach but forms a rougher texture (see sample 6, 14, 22 & 27)

Pearl & Gold watercolor - From the Kuretake Gansaitambi watercolour set. has very fine shimmery effect. very good for painting galaxy or underwater scenes.

Iridescent Medium - Has a more pronounced shimmer. also great for mixing with other paints to create pearlescent watercolor.

Hydrus Hansa Yellow (Light) - A bright neon yellow pefect for glowy effect.


Activity 3: Jellyfish Painting (with sea angels)

I made a point of using a different watercolour paper this time so I can compare which brand suits me best. I've used Arches in my earlier activities, this time I used Hahnemühle. The paper was a bit too fibrous for me but I'm still happy with the final result. :)


Activity 3: Galaxy Painting

I applied everything I've learned from this class in this painting and added my personal touches. It was an awesome experience! Thank you Ana for teaching us your techniques and insights in watercolour painting! Please keep doing what you love and inspire more people. :)

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