Video explainer for a client

Video explainer for a client - student project

Hi Lucas!

I'm already working doing explainers on Fiver using After Effects. I felt a bit stuck and I really wanted to learn a bit more, even just to manage my time better when animating, or to be more organized. So I went searching for something to learn on the Internet and decided to come back to Skillshare, which I left months ago, and found your course.

As I said in my review, it was very helpful for me and yesterday I finished up a new video where I used your techniques. More specifically I used the "null objects" (which I have never used), the color coding of the layer and a few of the drawing skills as well. I also used a bit of masks but I feel a need to practice more with this to not find it so... I don't know, complicated maybe.

I wanted you to see the explainer, so it's attached below. I really liked the result but I know it can be better!

Let me know your thoughts. Thanks.

PD: The intro animation of the logo was not made by me. This was provided from the client. Also, some of the graphics are from explainers libraries. I do not do everything from scratch to be able to charge less as that is what people are looking for on Fiverr.

Video is here: (it's not attaching)