Video Killed the Radio Star

Video Killed the Radio Star - student project

The one thing I do every single day is listen to music. It brings me so much joy. Tapping my foot, singing or dancing along elevates my disposition instantly. It also helps my concentration and keeps me in the moment. Often inspiring the recall of a fond memory or pleasant moment in time. And particular melodies remind me of people I've met or cared for. I couldn't live without it, I am a massive music fan. 

The radio has played a huge part in my musical history and was the inspiration behind this print design. As a teenager, I would listen enthusiastically to the chart show every Sunday for two hours. Shutting myself alone in the bedroom recording my favourites on cassette tape. Of which I would then play over and over again, until the following Sunday. It used to drive my little brother crazy. He was a jazz fan and detested popular music.

Today I have more of a penchant for variety and my musical tastes venture way beyond chart hits, but the radio is still the perfect receptacle for discovering new music. And a great source of recollection. If only I could remember all the names of all the songs I’ve ever heard.

Vintage radios mood board and colour palette

Intail sketchbook illustrations

Outlines made into vector artwork and coloured using the live paint tool.

Reworked in photoshop to add background colour and texture, aswell as tone, shade and high lights using paintbrushes. 

Poster mock-up.

Accompanying repeat surface pattern.

Although I work on a drawing tablet using Illustrator/Photoshop and not on an iPad in Procreate, I really enjoyed this class. It was great to see Liz's illustration process and creating the project has been really fun. 

Freelance Illustrator and Designer