Valentine's Day on the Ponte Vecchio

Valentine's Day on the Ponte Vecchio - student project

I am going to share a photo I already took, because I love it so much. I spent 6 months in Florence studying printmaking and photography. I brought my mom's old analog Canon because I thought it would complement the old Italian city I was in, but I had never worked with film before. This was one of the first photos I ever took with the camera, and I love how it turned out.

I was walking down Ponte Vecchio in Florence on Valentines day, and noticed right in the middle, this crew of guys. I was drawn to them and watched them for a minute or two before capturing this image. I love how they are all interacting with the world differently, noticing different things- but banded together. I processed this in the darkroom at Santa Reparata, and the thrill of watching it turn out was very exciting, and where I fell in love with the poetry and tactility of photography.

This captures what an in-between moment is to me- when life is happening, even the grandest of adventures or days- but and as it goes we all still exist in our own worlds. The camera changed the way I viewed Florence, I was constantly looking for details and moments as I wandered down the streets. It leveled me not only as a photographer and artist, but as an observant human being in the world.

*the crooked quality is from the scan of the original 8 x 12 print. I still have the negative, I might take it to get developed, as this first edition of prints is all done in the darkroom. I'd like to have the image saved digitally, though I always prefer analog production.

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