Urban Sketching with Barbara Luel

Urban Sketching with Barbara Luel - student project

This class was very enjoyable and I felt like there was quite a few valuable tips provided.  Thanks, Barbara.  Even though I just wanted to continue watching the lessons, I took Barbara's advice regarding "No progress without action!" and made myself stop and do each of the drawing and warm up exercises first before continuing on.

My blind contour drawing of my orchid in a pot.  

Upside down Picasso.  


The leaves drawing exercise was really good.  I enjoyed heading outside to hunt for some pretty dry leaves.  Then trying to vary the type of lines I could create with my pencil.  They all ended up looking pretty similar to me though.  One of the leaves was done in ballpoint pen, which was new to me for drawing and I quite like the look and feel of it.  It also looks very similar to the pencil drawings.

The kitchen cabinets for the exercise in perspective of open doors.

Then finally did a sketch.  Went outside to sketch a restaurant in my neighborhood where there was an interesting red truck parked outside.  Came back home to add the watercolor.  I usually do my sketches with ink and watercolor, but I like how the pencil and watercolor turned out.