Upped my pasta game

Upped my pasta game - student project

I first took this class a couple of years ago, after not having made fresh pasta often over recent years. I had been making it for probably twenty years, but the last house I lived in had a terrible kitchen and so my equipment sat in a cupboard unused. Though out of practice, I figured I was already making my pasta pretty well - but this class has improved and upped my game, definitely.

I really benefitted from Nicoletta's descriptions and suggestions; she has a natural teaching style and it comes over that she loves what she does. She has changed the way I handle my dough.

I make egg pasta and one of the tips that feels so obvious now is to put the eggs and flour together on a sheet tray - no mess! I used to just get flour everywhere. :)

My two favourite tagliatelle styles are simple flour and egg or flour, egg, and cracked pepper. Both have been improved by using her kneading and resting techniques. She has made me "understand" the dough more than I ever got from books over the years.

I finally thought I should post a project, so here are some photos from my making pasta recently. I often hang dry it on a rack straight, but I did floured nests on a cooling rack this time, picking them up and re-nesting them several times to air them (to prevent too much sticking).

I have revisited this class several times (mostly the egg dough chapter) and it's great even if you think you're already making pretty good pasta - there's always something new to learn. :)

Oh, the amount I made was 3 eggs - 300 grams of flour. Enough for three people to have huge portions fresh and still some to cook the next day. (I never make too little because I gift any uncooked to my guest. ;) )

My toppings options for this particular dinner were roasted vegetables (asparagus, pine nuts, long stem broccoli, peppers, garlic cloves, cherry tomatoes), fresh spinach, smoked salmon. Sauces were either a homemade red passata sauce or a homemade Alfredo style cheese sauce.

Sorry no photos of that... we were too busy eating! :D

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