Up to measure

Up to measure - student project

Wow, these exercises are really kicking my butt. Half of the time I feel like I'd do better without measuring at all. -_- I guess, practice is the only thing that's going to help, then.

Five objects with proportional measuring:

*hm* I actually lightly drew in the design on the cups and ball, but the photos didn't capture that. :

The coffee container looks wonky. That's one of those things that I would have drawn differently by "eye-balling". I measured, but the measurements felt off. :( Maybe I should try a ruler, next time. ^^;

Next was plumb lines. *hrm* While using these I'd eventually get to a point where it became indistinguishable from proportional measuring. o_ô

Angle sighting was difficult in practice, because my pencil is so fat that in some instances I couldn't get the angle right. ^^; I tried, anyway.

Box #1 went blah real quick:

Well, from this I learned to do the longer side first!

I had the most fun (and felt best about) combinin all techniques as I saw fit.

The Darlana horse was pretty difficult (it looks so simple, but is so ... *argh* inducing, every single time I try to draw it). Was happier with my LO's toy and the pencil sharpener. The measuring lines aren't all that visible in the photos, tho. :/

One problem I had was using these measurements for circular elements/elipses. I tried a bunch of tactics, with angles and halfs and whatnots, but for better circles I'd need many more measuring points, I feel. And that would just kill the fun for me.

So. This was a great introduction into measuring stuff! I will promptly proceed to forget all about it and exclusively eyeball stuff. ;)))