Unified Aesthetic

Unified Aesthetic - student project

Unified Aesthetic:

Where did all the passion go? Somewhere in the neon lit streets of the city of Los Angeles the outcasts and masterminds are ready to reveal themselves from the unknown that society fears. A black alley that is home to the starving artists and misunderstood philosophers who rule the underground of a narrow minded society. Unified Apparel is for those who choose to not label themselves but rather empower eccentricity, it's individualism in its purest art form.

About Me:

My name is Ivan Garcia, born & raised in Venice, CA. Founder/Designer of Unified apparel. I love where i come from and a lot of my designs are inspired from my city. Coming from a graffiti background, i like to create controversey which you will see in future designs. I want this brand to show rebellion, for the outcasts to come together as one. This brand is still in working progress, i am currently working on the website and a collection to offer the future consumers. If you would like to see more and stay updated follow us on IG: https://www.instagram.com/unified.aesthetic/


The concept behind this shirt is pretty simple, dont come into my home/city to hate... GO HOME! There is no place for that anywhere and we need to stop the hate. We need to respect one another and come together as one, UNIFIED. We live in a society where hate is seen on every corner, from discrimination to cyber bullying and we need to realize what damage/consequences hate can cause, there's just no place for it.


Piece: No Place For Hate

Print: 1 Color Print

Material: 100% cotton

Finishing: Tagless Screen Printed Neck Label

Any Feedback would be much appreciated.

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Founder/Designer Unified Aesthetic