Turonno.. I mean, Toronto by typicalmitul

Turonno.. I mean, Toronto by typicalmitul - student project

What's up class? 

My name is Mitul Shah, an IT student and a photographer based out of Toronto, Canada. I've posted all my shots to their respective catergories below, really hoping you guys like them - and if you do, come say hi to me on Instagram! @typicalmitul

**Some of these shots are a couple weeks old, however, I'll update it with new shots considering my editing style has changed. 

PORTFOLIO: typicalmitul.com
INSTAGRAM: instagr.am/typicalmitul
TWITTER: twitter.com/mxxshah
500px: 500px.com/typicalmitul


1. Vanishing Points // I often do a little Photoshop in hopes of making my shot a little more interesting.

2. Shooting Scale // We were about to leave, but then I climbed up on this ledge and noticed how the CN Tower perfectly fit that little space of the glass; I told my friend to walk into the shot to create the sense of scale and created this.

3. Complimentary Colours // This is probably my favourite shot - I walked across the building to ensure I was in the centre of the courts, and even the isolated position of the swimmer under my leg is just perfect. However, I'm still having a lot of trouble with the edit and I can't seem to get it to be how I'd like it to be. 

4. Showcasing Light // I have no idea if this photo is applicable for this catergory - but it is no doubt my best shot, all a complete accident. #nophotoshop

Tell me what you guys think, and what I can do to improve!