Truelile Personal Budgeting App

Truelile Personal Budgeting App - student project

I hate budgeting apps because every time I open my budgeting app to see my income and see my expenses, I get lost the list of transactions. feeling overwhelmed by so many purchases, I feel that my personal finances are out of control... when is not the case. The important thing about having a new way to visualize my budget using categories that work as a bucket to group many transactions is that it gives me exact information to measure the level of success or failure in the use of your money. Indicating me that it is being spent wisely and this empowers me tremendously, while that the traditional visualization of the budget with smaller categories like home, household, cleaning tools, garden, utilities, car, gas, insurance, dentist, veterinary, pharmacy, clothing, food, etc ... it makes me see that I have a complicated life, where I am obligated to spend on many things and this gives me anxiety... this scares me ... It makes me feel pressed by the system and the way of life, instead of grateful for the positive impact that all these small expenses have in my life. Every time I open MINT I feel trapped by my lifestyle when it is not the case at all. demanded ... since it is not the same to have 100 different categories of expenses than just 7of them... this perception affects my attitude and shrinks me... when it is completely normal to have a lot of dynamism that translates into many expenses when I have a better quality of life. Complexity should be managed to be view in a simple form. The goal is not to have fewer transactions, the goal is to have a more simple view. The idea is to simplify the visualization of our financial movements as long as we are under certain parameters we are in a safe area and we can relax, make better financial decisions and create goals and put priorities more easily. Truelile Financial will reduce financial anxiety, one emotion that I am very familiar with. I pretend to achieve this goal by creating an app that will show expenses in just seven groups or categories creating budget harmony visualization and simplicity.