True Music

True Music - student project


  • Essential Story Point #1: The Hook

Kaito is a singer in a group called The Vocaloids. He is happy with his life: not being the lead singer, dating Meiko, enjoying ice cream, and not having to think too much.

  • Essential Story Point #2: Upsetting the Status Quo

Kaito finds out that he and the rest of the Vocaloids are computer programs, and the entire world they live in is digital.

  • Essential Story Point #3: Doorway of No Return

He cannot unlearn what he knows, but no one else seems to know or care about what he knows. Mr. Masutah, the Vocaloids' agent, wants Kaito to keep the secret, cause otherwise Kaito will have to be reprogrammed.


  • Essential Story Point #4: The Initial Plan

Kaito wants to tell the others about what they are, so they can have as much emotion in their songs as he does now. However, they don't see him as a leader, and he's never wanted to lead.

  • Essential Story Point #5: Midpoint & Mirror Moment

Kaito tells the others that they are all computer programs. Meiko already knew, and is willing to help him as he helps the other Vocaloids with the revelation.

  • Essential Story Point #6: All Hope Is Lost

Word gets to Mr. Masutah that all the Vocaloids know, and he tells them they must all be reprogrammed.


  • Essential Story Point #7: Transformation

Kaito defends himself and the other Vocaloids against Mr. Masutah, becoming the leader and man he never knew he could be.

  • Essential Story Point #8: Climax & Resolution

The Vocaloids show Mr. Masutah that they can live with the fact that they're just computer programs, so Mr. Masutah doesn't have them reprogrammed. Instead, they're all given upgrades, both visually and vocally, and the Vocaloids are given their first real concert.