TripTracker - student project

Since there are so many tripadvisor (attractions database) type apps out there, I decided to change my app idea to a utility travel app.

TripTracker organizes all the things you need to do in preparation for a trip. The main screen of this app is a countdown / timeline. This helps the user visualize the number & order of tasks against how much time there is left until the start of the trip. A traditional to do list is long, intimidating, and lacks heirarchy. This app helps you assign priority, spread out the tasks over time and will remind you when it is time to complete each.

In addition to organization features, the app will also give task suggestions based on destination / dates. These suggestions range from applying for visas and getting vaccines to buying train passes. This will be helpful for inexperienced travelers or those who don't have the time to research.



Emily is managing 2 vacations, one coming up and one further in the future. She just remembered that she needed to buy backpack for son for their later trip. Before she gets distracted, she wants to input this into the app to remind her to buy one online tomorrow.

Tom just downloaded this app after getting a recommendation from his good friend. He wants to input his trip in to start planning.

Jacob just got a notification from the app on his phone. He wants to go check out what he needs to do next for his trip.


Here is just one page of my sketches.


Setting up your first trip.

Here is a close up:



Users have the option of viewing their timeline as a circle (a broad overview) or on a calendar (more precise). The user can toggle back and forth between the two options with the controls at the bottom.


Users are taken to a suggested tasks page after they create a trip. On this page, they can look through a list of suggested tasks for their trip based on destination and travel period. They check off the tasks they want to add and move on to the next page for task customization.


Thanks for taking the time to check this out. Let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions!