Too Much to Capture T.T

Too Much to Capture T.T - student project

I've really liked learning a bit about Procreate. I've never been all that comfortable with digital, but the digital tools recommended for this were really nice. 

I feel I could have made a million sketch journals for this month alone. I really wanted to practice creative lettering. My Nick took me to Spain and I used Gaudi's architecture as the inspiration for lettering Barcelona. I also tend to skip over drawing the small things, like food. Looking at these food sketches makes me long for European pastries again. I need to learn how to bake that perfect flaky texture.

Season 2 of the Dragon Prince came out on my birthday, so marathoning it was my birthday gift to myself. My sisters and I really enjoyed the reveal of what is in the mirror. Erin brought pizza and we bragged about eating it without Meaghan. Meaghan is so far away in NOLA right now, but I love all the pics she shares with us. Also, the "METs" is referring to my sisters and me.