Tom's Drawings!

Tom's Drawings! - student project

Here is my first exercise, the chair. The Mode 1 Drawing is on the left, and the Mode 2 Drawings are on the right.

This is the chair reference! I bought this fibreglass "Eames" style chair from a vintage shop in Vancouver. What do you think of the tennis ball feet?

Here is my houseplant exercise. The Mode 1 drawing is on the left (the really hairy looking one). I drew it almost completely blindly, looking mostly at the plant rather than my page. The Mode 2 one is on the right (all three), with the one on the far right being the most stylized and unrealistic.



Here is my trusty houseplant. I've had it for a few years, and only recently gave it a proper sized pot. Suddenly it started growing up and out more.


Here are my Workspace images. Mode 1 on the left and Mode 2 on the right. It's amazing how much you can remember from a detailed, complex scene when you draw it.

Here is the reference photo of my workspace, which I drew from for the class demo. I like to keep a tidier studio than this, but when things get busy, this is what it can look like.


Here are drawings of yours truly, and the photo used as reference. Bottom right is Mode 1 and top left is Mode 2.


And finally, here is my completed illustration. This took me about 2.5-3 hours to complete (starting after I completed my refined sketch).

I like to see how illustrations look in a real world context, so I placed it in this mockup frame (see Downloads in the Projects and Resources page to find this same mockup template). 

I chose to present my illustration as a print, but could just as well have tried it in a full page magazine layout.

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