Tom’s Sweet Spots!

Tom’s Sweet Spots! - student project


Share your theme, experience and two lists.

Trail running

Specific Experience
"Things I wish I knew on my first ultra marathon"

List A (simple objects to illustrate)
- Trail shoes
- Water bottle
- First aid kit
- Race bib
- Lube
- GPS Watch

List B (more abstract concepts to illustrate)
- Chafing happens
- Trail pace is slower than race pace
- The battle is mental as much as it is physical
- Train for the terrain
- Don't change your fuel regime on race day
- Don't leave travel and accommodation plans to the last minute



Share all sketches, whether from your free-sketches, your rough concept thumbnails, or your refined selections. Be sure to label each accordingly.

Free-sketches for Set 1

Free-sketches for Set 2

Rough concept sketches (final selections) for Set 1

Refined concept sketches for Set 1

Rough concept sketches for Set 2

Refined concept sketches for Set 2



Share your final illustrations! If you want, describe your chosen tools and techniques and any challenges or thoughts of the process along the way. 

Final illustrations for Set 1!

Final illustrations for Set 2!

Illustrator and Designer

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