Thriving Through Uncertainty: Rewards and Expectations

Thriving Through Uncertainty: Rewards and Expectations - student project

I really enjoyed this class. I think that one of the best tips that I've been working on is lowering that bar of expectations and what counts as a win/reward. 

One way I've been building in more reflection and celebrating the smaller steps is tracking what I accomplish each day on a blank calendar. There is no planning on this calendar, just a brief note of something I worked on or completed. I like to use multiple colors if I accomplished several things in one day. It's been helping me recognize how much I have accomplished throughout a month, especially with a lot of creative stuff being more digital and out of sight or for longer projects where I might be on one step for a week before moving forward.

I have also been using it as a way to measure my expectations and where I need to remove some. It has been helpful to identify what the underlying hope is for the expectation and try to reframe it in terms of what I actually want rather than the specific outcome I attached to it as the one way to get it.

My favorite quote from the class is "Patience is not passivity. It is kindly gifting time for your venture to bloom fully." I really needed to hear that because while patience is a good thing to have in general, this framing of patience helped me like it more? I'm not sure. It is more of that plant metaphor of how much the seed will grow and change under the soil before we ever see it. So, patience is not passivity, it's space to grow, and I can get behind that.