This was so much fun!

This was so much fun! - student project

I decided to go for a capybara, because I've seen them a lot when traveling to the South of Venezuela and I just love them. 

I knew it was an ambicious project, because this was my second time doing embroidery and making a little "realistic" animal doesn't sound like something for a level 1 beginner.

I was very surprised of how easy it actually was! I think it looks extremely cute and I'm very proud of it :)


The mom took me almost a day, because I was trying to figure out how to get the shadows and different colors, I was also trying to not go too far with the details, because Floor said that what matters is that it looks good from affar. Floor's advice constantly came to my mind while doing this, so I thank you so much for the help and inspiration! 

The little one was a bit complicated, I started him on the same day but I was tired and wanted to finish him, which made me lazy and didn't pay as much attention as I needed to.

I tried to fix it the next day but it was a mess and a big contrast with the mom, so I took it out a started over, this time I marked the shadows and highlights to try and make it stand out, I had only 4 browns so I had to find a way to make the small one look lighter with the same colors.

To make the fur more intresting, I mixed different color strands into a 3 or 4 strands thread. I think what really helped in the end was the black thread that I put for the shadows and the direction of the thread. 

Overall a great experience, I think I found a new hobby. Thanks!!