This Changes Nothing

This Changes Nothing - student project

I recently went on a hiking trip up Mt. Rainier and was so excited to reach our remote cabin so I could begin this project.

I based my photoset on unity and embracing the good in myself to overcome adversity. I sum it up by saying: "This changes nothing." It's the same phrase I tell myself every morning when, after a lengthy warm shower, I let the tap run ice cold for a minute. This ritual helps remind me that the things around me don't have any real control over my attitudes and behaviors.

I'm sure you can believe that I was nearly shouting this mantra as I took my two-hands photo:

It was straight back into the toasty cabin after that. Then out into the igloo friends and I made for my shot from above:

I would have appreciated using gloves but I think they would have detracted from my concept. And finally, my last shot:

As much as I would have liked to have found an adequate subsitute to share in place of the first photo, there was no other that spoke to me the way it did. Thanks for the wonderful class - I hope you like what I've created!