TheThumbprint: Prototyping in Adobe XD

TheThumbprint: Prototyping in Adobe XD - student project


Sorry if this project is posting twice -- I *thought* I already posted this last week, but it's not appearing in the projects page!


Anyway, I've used Adobe XD in a professional setting for awhile now, but I haven't actually had a need for prototyping in it. I took this course so I could get a better sense on how to prototype with it and see if I could use it in my workflow, particularly in showing an interactive design to stakeholders and developers.


Here's a video of what I made:


Everything was going swimmingly until it came to the goldfish article (pun! "swimmingly"!). It seems as though I couldn't figure out how to tween between the list of news articles to read and the individual article. I think the desired effect was that the goldfish image, headline, and some supporting text, would morph from the list to the individual article. Didn't seem to work for me though. For reference, I'm talking about the transition between these two pages:


Perhaps it's because I'm on a newer version of Adobe XD. I think I'm going to take a few more courses on it and hope I can figure out the tweening issue.


Everything else went over alright. Just had to do a quick Google search on a few things that were out of date since this course was made. XD is known to switch its menu options and locations frequently!


Thank you for the class and looking forward to taking more!

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