The unlikely Paladin

The unlikely Paladin - student project

Gabby, a young college student, discovers on her 22 birthday that her bloodline is the key to releasing an old god. She is at a beach with her Girlfriend (Lover) when a storm hits and 3 monsters come out of the lake coming for her. Her girlfriend helps her escape while they are in complete terror. While running away a tall man with a heavy metal cane tries to help them by getting them to his car. The girls crash into playground equipment and when the monster is about to strike the man fights them off with his cane. Then they appear to be getting away and when they are about to get to the car the car is struck by lightning and knocks them out.

An unknown organization arrives shortly after the lightning and takes the 3 people away and sees the monsters are just burned corpses from similar lightning. 

They are taken to a bunker at the bottom of Stone Manor estate in Lake Geneva to recover.

Shortly after that, the compound is attacked by brainwashed cultists, and at first you think the girls will be taken and the man killed.

It turns out the girls can fight and Shoot.

When asked where they learned to shoot the state

"We are from Texas"

They fight off the cultists until they get outside on the Lake Geneva Shore. 

Tentacles come out of the lake that grabs them and when the creature comes out of the water to swallow the girl it ends up choking on the girl and throws her up as lightning strikes the creature blowing it up. 

A secret organization comes in to assess the damage and clean it all up

Damage is considered storm damage from the EF 2 tornado that went through.


An action story where the main characters are not the typical stereotype

Like the Sacrifice can fight and kick butt

A normal person who finds themselves in a terrible situation steps up in an unlikely way

Plenty of one-liners and using a story structure to solve an obvious problem.

An organization that is an open secret that it deals with these issues and openly lets people write about them.

People think it is a simple fun story, but if people try to investigate the problem it is describing and try to out it they are just considered crazy and stole the story.

About 70% of stories regarding the United Nations Global Occult Coalition are fun fiction that people enjoy.

30% of the stories are based on actual events

It is a kind of open world that a lot of the stories are written to give the public a way to understand the threats and let them feel that they can win. Also gives the public a practical method of learning about the creature if they are ever confronted with it.