The two video practices, in order.

The two video practices, in order. - student project


Narrator: Marcus White is the managing director of Courts Power Group, an energy company. Every month, the departmental managers meet to discuss high level issues in the company. Marcus is directing today’s meeting


Marcus: Good morning everyone, thank you very much for being here on time. We’ve got a lot to do today. Lets get started. Everyone is here, apart from John in facilities, but we have apologies from him. Has everyone got a copy of the agenda? … Good.

Can I draw your attention to item four where it says “presentation of online survey results.” The presentation is going to be given by Ms. Patricia [Reyes, who is a representative of the research company we contracted to carry out the work. Ms. Reyes will arrive at 11:30, so I plan to break at about 11:15 to give her time to set up. It may also mean that we need to interrupt the first few agenda items, but we’ll come back to those. Lastly, I’d like to leave a little bit of time under any other business to discuss whatever might come out of the presentation.

Item one is relocation and plans for flexible working. As you know, Paul and his team have been working on plans to extend flexible working hours across the company. Paul, perhaps I can begin by asking you to fill us in on your progress?


Paul: Sure, thanks Marcus. Well as Marcus said …


[break in recording 00:01:57]


Marcus: Thank you very much indeed, Paul. On behalf of everyone I’d like to say thank you to you and to your team for all the hard work that you have put in so far on this project, I really appreciate it. Before we move on to item two, are there any comments anyone has, anyone would like to make on item one? ... No? Maya, I’m aware that flexible working hours has particular impact on some of your team, do you have any thoughts on that?


Maya: From my point of view, what Paul is proposing sounds fine. I am a bit concerned about working with a system of core hours and then flexible hours, but I think we all need time to read through Paul’s proposal in more detail, before discussing it any further?


Marcus: That sounds reasonable. What do other people think? … Do you agree with Maya that we need to look through the proposal in more detail first? … Yes? I am sure we can return to it at next month’s meeting. Are we all okay to move on to the next point?

The up and coming board meeting. We don’t need to spend too much time on this, but there are one or two issues which we need to be aware of.

Lydia, can you warn me if we go beyond ten minutes on this one? …


[break in recording 00:03:38]


Marcus: Those two people will be replacing the two members of the board who are leaving us. That’s everything, I think, on item two.

Moving on to item three and the cost breakdown for the relocation. Maya, thank you very much for emailing the current figures to all of us. I hope that we’ve all had time to look at them, to read them through … Maya, is there anything you want to add before I open this up for questions?


Maya: Not really, nothing’s changed since it was sent out as far as I know.


Marcus: Are there any questions arising from Maya’s report? … Matt, you look as if you might have a question.


Matt: Yes, I suppose I do, its more of a comment really, the fact is, IT will have the highest cost attached to this relocation, in terms of moving equipment, and, I’ll also need to bring a quite a few contract people to help, but the figures in here don’t seem to be the same as the estimates I gave you, its all going to require a lot of overtime in my department.


Maya: I have allocated some of the costs to the budgets of other departments, that seemed the fairest way to do it, otherwise, as you say, IT is responsible for a large part of the relocation costs.


Matt: So do you mean in any IT costs related to say, marketing, will be covered by the marketing budget?


Maya: Yes, in a way. Look, this might help clarify it. You see I’ve broken the IT department up into segments-


Marcus: Oh I’m sorry, can we continue this discussion after lunch? The lady from the research company is waiting to join us and to present her results. Before we take a break I just want to summarize where we are so far. Now my understanding is, that Maya has tried to allocate the relocation costs across departments as far as is possible, but that Matt feels that IT is still taking too many costs, is that right?


Matt: That’s about right.


Marcus: Good. Let’s take a break now, and can we all be back here promptly at 11:30 to continue where we left off?

Lydia, could you bring Ms. Reyes up please?


Lydia: Yes I will do it.



[cross talk]


Pence: Ukraine, or now their heavy handed approach-


Kaine: You, you guys love Russia … you, you, you both have said-


Pence: Their heavy handed approach-


Kaine: You, you both have said Vladimir Putin is a better leader than the president.


Pence: Well, hang on a sec-


Moderator: Gentlemen, we’re going to get to Russia in just a moment.


[break in recording 00:00:08]


Pence: This country, and build lil-literally a, a global reputation.


[cross talk 00:00:13]


Kaine: And paid a few taxes and lost a billion dollars a year.


[break in recording 00:00:15]


Pence: And foreign, donors-


[cross talk 00:00:16]


Kaine: You, you are Donald Trunk, ah, Trump’s apprentice-


Pence: Um-


Kaine: Uh le-let me talk about this issue of the-


[cross talk]


Pence: Senator I think, I think I’m still on my time.


Kaine: of the state of the world. Well, I think, are, isn’t this a discussion?


Moderator: This is our open discussio-


[cross talk]


Kaine: Yeah! Th-le-lets talk about th-the state of the world-


Pence: Senator, well-well if l-let let me interrupt, let me interrupt you and finish my sentence if I can.


Moderator: Governor you have an opportunity to [inaudible 00:00:28]-


Kaine: No.


[break in recording 00:00:29]


Pence: While she was secretary of state-


Kaine: Ok, now I can weigh in


[cross talk]


Pence: She had a private server that was discovered-


Kaine: Now, no, I-I get to weigh in now let me just say this, h-he-he… he-


Moderator: [inaudible 00:00:36] Senator, please, uh, you have an opportunity [inaudible 00:00:39]-


Pence: to keep that pay to play process… out of the reach of the public.


Kaine: Governor Pence, Governor Pence.


[break in recording 00:00:40]


Pence: because Hilary Clinton failed to renegotiate…


[cross talk]


Kaine: Well if you, if you want to flood the zone with more Ag- more American troops in Iraq, you can, you can propose that...


[cross talk]


Pence: Hilary Clint, Hilary Clinton-


Moderator: A- alright


[cross talk]


Pence: Hilary Clinton failed to renegotiate a status of forces agreement-


Kaine: No, that is incorrect. That is incorrect.


[cross talk]


Moderator: Gentlemen, we’ll get to these issues in just a moment-


Pence: and so, we remoo-we removed all of our forces from Iraq-


[cross talk]


Moderator: I’d like to move on to the economy [inaudible 00:00:57]-


Kaine: Tha-that is … but I would like to correct-


Pence: and Isis was able to be conjured up in that vacuum, and overrun vast areas of Iraq.


Kaine: Governer