The transition - Dream Illustration lifestyle

The transition - Dream Illustration lifestyle - student project

The transition - Dream Illustration lifestyle - image 1 - student project

I have been wanting to start my illustration process, yet I didn't know where or how to! I'm so excited to be doing this course and look forward to the insight it yields.

I believed for so long I couldn't do illustration because I didn't study "drawing or design" in school/uni - I just did painting and mixed media. But deep down, I craved that love for illustration I found as a child in picture books ranging from simple ink line drawings, to free colourful and expressive paintings.

My inspiration comes from the works of Beatrix Potter and Chris Dunn with their lovely animal-inspired watercolours, Robert McCroskey with his simple pencil sketches, Quentin Blake with his loose and playful watercolour characters, and Sergio Martinez with his free and expressive painted illustrations. And I am working towards becoming a children's book illustrator.

The pins in my board ( are mainly, warm, earthy-toned, nature-inspired, natural, organic, and bring the feeling of freedom and safety to me.  I look forward to learning even more from this course!

Jessica Anne Rossouw

Not a Skillshare Teacher :P