The struggle of character animation

The struggle of character animation - student project

Yeah, what to say, that was the most complex and hard-going course for me.

The course is very, very nice, but the theme itself is very hard. I made a huge amount of mistakes during the process, and so, in the end, I found out that I built the asymmetrical walking cycle, which cause a huge drag while walking across the scene.

So I had to correct it all manually with Position Null, in order to make my feet stick to the ground at least somehow.

Next thing I didn't notice is that his legs were actually seen under his feet sometimes.

So I had to mask it in many frames.

The walking itself is weird, but I just could not fight with this guy anymore, so I consider him tired and injured. 

Overall, it was great lesson, but now I really don't know how much time and effort one needs to apply to animate a good character.