The fastest animal on earth

The fastest animal on earth - student project


This course is essential ! Amazing teaching, I really see my improvements.

However, I'll need some time to get used to the overhand grip because it's not always very accurate, I miss some control on that way to draw but it's very practical for the first lines and I feel the lines are more vibrant and spontaneous. 

I think I also need to be more patient before going into details because I've missed some mistakes (like the claws or the size of the eye) that I couldn't fix cause it was too late :( 

I still have some difficulties from the blank page to put everything at the correct place without actually measuring the exact dimensions or using a grid, I am still too far away from reality at the beginning, so I used to cheat sometimes by using the eraser (I confess ! ^^) but I'll be working on it ! If you have any advice to work on that point, please tell me so ! 

In the end, I am quite satisfying, I regret having been to impatient, having used the eraser too many times, and there are some mistakes in the proportions, but I am happy with the details of the feathers, the sight of the bird, and the trial in shading (can't wait to take the course on that !!).


Thank you so much Brent for your lessons, it is really efficient and pretty well explained !