The best part of the course

The best part of the course - student project

My favourite tip was the way to clean your plastic palette and also why you would use a porcelain vs plastic pallette.
A lot of the supplies aren't easily available in South Africa, but what I would like to purchase is an eraser that works like a mechanical pencil.
Definitely some top quality paints (currently mixing Faber-Castell Gelatos with water to make my water colours)
Brushes and brush care is important because they affect the way you can paint and how easy it is to get the strokes you want.
Paper also has an effect on your painting experience, you need to explore papers and find the one that works best for you. I bought a bunch of different papers and I'm aware of how they react to water when I start painting so I know how to work with them. I also write the paper I've used on the back of my paintings and the date because I'm still learning and want to look back and see the progress.

Thank you Shelley, I've really enjoyed all the Classes of yours that I've taken here on Skillshare.