The Space - Exercise Studio

The Space - Exercise Studio - student project

First post 11/29/2013:

Although this is based on a real client, this is not actually going to be used, so I took the liberty to add to the creative brief and create the company how I envision it :)

Creative Brief

Background: The client runs a mini gym for children and after several successful years, is now opening a gym for adults under a new name, 'The Space'. The studio is in a sunlit Brooklyn brownstone.

Objective: To create a logo and brand identity that will reflect the Brooklyn based, high end gym/yoga studio offering personalized classes.

Target Audience:

  • Age: 25-35 (young professional, working mom, 60)
  • Gender: M/F (mostly female)
  • Income: $75k
  • College Status: Both college and no college
  • Local: Urban


Mostly targeting woman, The Space is more than just a gym. It's a luxurious space that is health and energy conscious with daily homemade nutrition bars, muffins and shakes as well as a library with health and empowerment books. It's an environment to start off the day right, energize, or wind down after a stress-filled day. Offering curated classes with experienced teachers—think songza for the gym.

Competition: Local small exercise classes, although although no one offers this wide range of classes.

Distinguishing Characteristics: Wide range of classes, full weekly schedule, local, all-inclusive

Creative Considerations: Logo needs to be able to be applied to a variety of surfaces such as yoga mat, water bottles, and towels.

Keywords: Upscale, quant, luxurious, pampered, quality instruction, urban, autonomous

Here's a dropbox link to the pdf presentation

Art director and designer