The Problem

The Problem - student project

     ‘You didn’t, did you? Not really?’ I stood there for a moment watching this child of a woman, thinking, how many times have we gone over this. Holly averted her eyes from mine while shifting from one foot to the other. My exasperation with her was rising.

     ‘Holly, when are you going to learn? You can’t keep playing Jordan for a fool. He will find out!’ My words were slow and deliberate.


     ‘I’m sorry, Uncle John. What should I do?’ her plaintiff voice was in play now. Holly started to twist her upper body back and forth, slowly, while her right hand clasped her left elbow. Her face held that quizzical look expecting an answer.


     ‘I don’t know, it’s your problem. Deal with it.’ My voice was firm as I tried to keep a harsh note out of it. From the look on her face I don’t think I succeeded.