The Power of Storytelling

The Power of Storytelling - student project

I just started to build my company as a cultural entrepreneur a few months ago, so this course was a great boost to pay attention to a couple of issues.


‘As a cultural entrepreneur I specialize in helping my clients understand the reality-forming power of stories and bringing them closer to the art of storytelling. With knowledge and experience in academic research I can guarantee that you will achieve higher performance, effectiveness and productivity both in your professional career and personal life.’

‘Using my experience in research I always create customized programs based on specific needs focusing on practical implementation and interactive exercises. The trainings have an immediate impact on professional and personal success. The exercises teach you to use the learnt techniques and methods in any area where storytelling could enhance your performance and productivity.’

Call to Action

‘If you’re looking to become a better storyteller, get lost in the magical world of stories, or simply want to increase your effectiveness and productivity, I can guarantee that my customized programs will get you RESULTS!’

Cultural Entrepreneur, Researcher