The Positive Community Project

The Positive Community Project - student project

When a person gives a $1 to the P.C.P., they will have just improved their neighborhood visually & physically, they just now helped someone else out who needed that $1 who now doesn't have to go begging or stealing to get it, and lastly that same $1 floated into a realm of hope for it may possibly help a person who felt lost & under-valued to re-find themselves and is now going deeper into what they re-ignited and forgot about themselves loving to do, for the betterment of the World. Or, worse case senerio this $1 cleaned up your streets, and gave to homeless indirectly as were forced to meditate for 10 minutes then earned it through 'picking-up' the area.. So Thank You Person, for Your Dollar $. 


Dont take the idea, but rather help me with it. 


Also, I was joking around and believe in my mission so much and think 'the world of good' so much for it that I was joking around saying, "Wanna go to HEAVEN for a $1? Or No?!" -- "You like Heaven?? Give me $1!" ... hahaha... It was funny to me. I hope yall get this and it makes you laugh today. thats all.     Thanks Nick for all these good guide questions. Thx