The Not-So Seven Second Rule: Why Kitsuné Couldn't Capture My Attention

The Not-So Seven Second Rule: Why Kitsuné Couldn't Capture My Attention - student project

"Fashion Week, Music, Make-Up and More this month..." 

They say that on average a person has seven seconds to make a first impression. I say the average email must have around four. That's how long it took me to scan this title, skip it and move onto the next email in an ever-populating, monochrome list vying for my attention.

Don't get me wrong. I like the brand. I do. And you know what? I'm probably one of their target audiences. But the title didn't scream Kitsuné to me. It didn't say modern, youthful, edgy. It didn't say really really supercool fashion and music brand, and, to me, it didn't say "you really gotta open this email". 

To me, this illustrates the importance of making sure the title is catchy and really reflects the brand. With so much competition in my inbox, this one really didn't stand out. Another problem was that the way this message appears in my inbox also means the title is followed by the words "click here to view this message in your browser." Most other brands who send me emails use this as a brief descriptor which extends the title. For example the email below this one had: "Love bedtime? Shop designer silk bedding today" and the descriptor "& don't forget designer sunglasses!". A little more exciting, with a call to action and a more present/urgent vibe using the word "today". This is something I'd never thought a lot about before, but in some way it has had an effect on my judgement.

The clean design and visual impact of the email fit Kitsuné well, with an animated gif and a real focus on images. I would perhaps make calls to action clearer - it seems the purpose of the email is a monthly sum-up with "this month" in the name and an events round-up etc but i'd be more inclined to click a link to a product line if it told me to "shop now" rather than stating "now available". 

The agenda was also completely irrelevant to me as they don't host events in my country. 

Overall, I liked this email but there wasn't a huge incentive to click on it in the first place. I would create a more creative, engaging title, some clearer calls to action and maybe play about with the sending day/time (I got this on a Friday which is the day I get the highest no of promotion emails).