The Moptop Instagram Inspo

The Moptop Instagram Inspo - student project

As I took Tyler's class, I started thinking with intention about how I am using Instagram. i considered who is running a business or creating posts that I love and that I can see myself taking inspiration from. One person who came to mind was Tonya Smith. Tonya is a style blogger and her account is a mix of the people in portraits and places and spaces shots that I absolutely love. She embodies the simplicity and interactivity of Instagram that Tyler talked about. She makes great use of her Instagram stories to connect with and even learn from her audience while also just sharing interesting elements of her day.

This is one photo that I think makes particularly good use of her Instagram page. Not only is she fulfilling what her intention is on Instagram through the photo itself (a typical lifestyle blogger photo), she is also talking about her business in the caption, entertaining her audience with the first part, and opening it up to interact with her audience by letting them have some input on the work she will do behind the scenes. She also makes use of her own branded hashtags and hashtags that are targeted at her audience's interests.