The Model Minority Myth

The Model Minority Myth - student project

Thank you for an amazing and inspiring class, Danielle! I have shared your posts on Instagram from my personal account many many times and it was so interesting to see your thought processes and how you create these incredible graphics.


I created this this graphic to show the harmful "model minority" stereotype that is often associated with Asian-Americans. The "model minority" stereotype was created by a sociologist in the 1960s to drive a racial wedge between Black and Asian Americans. The sociologist argued that if Asian Americans can "work hard" and "never complain" then why aren't other racial groups following suit? This flawed argument fails to acknowledge the nuances of the Asian Diaspora, the history of systemic racism against Asians, and the differences between Black and Asian oppression in America. And perhaps most importantly, it allows white America to "avoid any responsibility for addressing racism or the damage it continues to inflict." 


I'm not the best illustrator but I tried to capture the way that I see this particular issue. I think I need to work on object placement  and creating clearer handwriting lol. Any feedback is welcome!