The Light (@itchban)

The Light (@itchban) - student project

Hi all / Sam!

My name is Ben and I'm based in Sydney Australia. Saw this class (through jnsilvas snapchats of all places lol) and thought I'd give it a go.

You can find me on Instagram @ itchban, and my work/blog at

(Your photoshop skills are on another level! - would definitely enrol in a more in depth class on that)


The original photo was taken in an old mining shaft on an island just off the Sydney CBD. Came out to this island to drink at a party so I only had my iPhone 6 Plus with me.

The leading lines & vanishing point was nice but the subject wasn't really well lit enough and the message of the original photo was a bit weak.

Progress shot

I had a shot of the end of the tunnel with the entrance all lit up so I decided to comp that in. I felt it was too small and didn't really drive the message/impact of the photo across that well so I decided to enlarge the light and darken the overall photo to give it some atmosphere.


I enlarged the light comp to completely engulf the subject. I also darkened the surrounding tunnel to give it a dark / dangerous atmosphere and draw attention to the subject and the light. I increased the exposure of the actual subject to make him more visible against the bright light.

The message

The idea behind the photo is to emphasize courage - standing with confidence against the unknown. The darkness adds to the mysterious / danger element of the photo and the light represents the unknown. The stance of the subject is strong and steady almost like he's ready to confront the unknown.

Thanks for stopping by my project.

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