The Broccoli Show - A drawing example project

The Broccoli Show - A drawing example project - student project

Hi you all!

Here's a little project example, how it could have been if the sketches and illustrations from the class were my project:

1. Choosing my motif
I have chosen to draw my motif from a broccoli. I think it's a fun motif and could be quite decorative, perhaps use it as an art print to hang in the kitchen.

2. My vision - mental illustration
I think I want to make a quite realistic illustration, in the sense that I want to draw the exact shape and form of my broccoli. It's going to be straight forward, straight on, about that angle in the picture above. It's going to be detailed and varied, but I'll not use everything, just choose the features that I think will bring out the most characteristic look. Lots of shadows with lines and little dots for a 3D-look.

3. Practicing and drawing my motif
Here are some of the practicing sketches I made of my broccoli and the one that I finalized into the final sketch. 

4. Tracing
This part was a bit tricky and I did a couple of versions before I picked the best one. I will do some editing of a couple of details and shadows though.

5. Final result - my art print
Printed, signed, framed and on display. Here's finished illustration:

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