That's a wonderful suit

That's a wonderful suit - student project

Well, this is it, here's my final video posted on Vimeo: 

Thanks Jake for this awesome class and everyone that provided feedback. 


Animating using rotation

Test 2

Test 1

Animating using scale

Used text animator. Also experimented a bit with an implosion at the end

Animating using position

1A (layers)

1B (text animator)


For my project, I have decided to go for an American Psycho quote from Patrick Bateman when Lewis compliments him about his suit. 

This movie is a favorite of mine and after looking up some typography styles, I think that a Serif type suits it well as the movie is really sophisticated and high class. I'm not a designer by any means but I do feel this type of typography brings a sophisticated feel, moreso than a sans serif one.

My goal is to create a contrast with my color palette, as the movie is really dark but I'll try to make my animation more dynamic and colorful. My use of dotted lines represent the thread that is used for sewing pieces of clothing. I also tried to include some interesting patterns.

Right now I'm at the point of working on composition, so here are a few shots:

I make stuff.