That Whip Across the Street

That Whip Across the Street - student project

I moved to this quiet neighborhood in Bedstuy, Brooklyn NYC. Ever since I moved in, there's been this really nice old school whip parked across the street. It's always there. I wish it was mine, so I did the next best thing to owning it... photographingit. 

Here's the raw. Pretty raw. As you can see, the sky is pretty overcast, which gave the whole photo this grey/blue look. Took this with the native camera app. 

For this shot, I changed the perspective a bit and edited it in SKRWT and VSCO. Gave it a warmer color. 

For the next shot, I wanted to erase that tag in the back, as well as the no trespassing sign. Although it does give the photo a bit more flavor, I wanted to see what it looked like without the tag. Here it is raw without it. I did this in TouchRetouch. 

I also wanted to mess with the color balance/ temperature and give it a bluer hue to suggest it was fall/winter. I edited overall in VSCO, adjusted the color of the car in Snapseed. 

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