Thankful TODAY!

Thankful TODAY! - student project

True life: I'm in a pretty grumpy mood this morning. I'm moving internationally in a week and have so much to do before I leave, and my beloved apartment is currently full of garbage bags and boxes so it doesn't feel like mine. I'm stepping over clutter while thinking of more things to add to my to-do I really want some coffee but I've already packed up my coffee maker. WOE IS ME.

I prescribe myself: a change in perspective. I took my own advice and made a gratitude list in the form of the boxes that currently surround my person. Packing is annoying, but I'm thinking of all the beautiful possessions I have that I'm so grateful for--mostly because they remind me of people and experiences I love. It feels pretty dumb to stay annoyed with all the clutter I have to manage, when all this "clutter" is the sign of a VERY lucky life. 

And I'm even kind of grateful that my coffee maker is packed because it's a good excuse for a walk down the street, which is also a good perspective-switcher!

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