Textures - student project

Really struggled with these, as it was my first attempt at Denise Soden's classes - so I went back and did the animal eyes and rhino classes before attempting the fox. I was using Polina Bright's brushes, which hold A LOT of water, so these have been fantastic exercises for learning brush and water control!

Completed half the fox along with the video, but it was taking ages and I was finding the process frustrating. Watched the remainder of the fox video once I got up to the body, then completed the rest as I wanted to, using Denise's process as inspiration. Will watch the videos first in future, then just skip through the video when painting, as needed. 

For the fox's body, I built up the layers using a light mix of Burnt Sienna, then a darker mix of the same, then a light mix of the grey (Indanthone Blue and Indian Red), then a darker/blacker mix of the grey (my Indian Red is too opaque/cloudy for this, so I used Indanthrone and Burnt Umber).

Thanks Denise!