Team Valor - Tentacruel

Team Valor - Tentacruel - student project

It can't be avoided, the Pokefever or whatever it's called is all-consuming. So I dropped my planned material 30 minutes before going live to work on this, because it speaks to me. Mostly as a clever way to keep Pokemon open on my phone while I work :D Actually most of Jon's courses are very close to my own design sensibilities, so this was a nice project. 

I started out with a simple sketch. I knew I wanted to use Tentacruel (who doesn't love a giant squid), and I'm on team Valor. Not exactly a perfect pair in terms of lore, but whatever.

Here's the initial sketch: 

Once I had a general concept I worked through making the overall shape and getting the idea solidified. 




I live stream weekly for Adobe, and my homework for the project including the process and more, can be seen here: (Begins around 30 minutes in after a quick 3d tutorial)

Enjoy and thanks for the class Jon! 

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