Teacher Sample Project

Teacher Sample Project - student project

The three themes I choose for this sample project were "fun," "funky" and "somber." For "fun," I wanted to use colors that made me feel happy and energized (since that is what comes to mind with I think 'fun') - so I knew I would stick with a warm color palette. For "funky," I wanted to continue using vibrant, energetic colors but I wanted the colors to be a little cooler. The word "funky" makes me think of night clubs, dancing and letting loose - so I based my palette off of the electric, almost neon pink and purple colors I sometimes see associated with nightlife. For "somber," I wanted to go in an entirely different direction. I desaturated and cooled down the colors almost to the point of them being grey - since "somber" to me feels almost colorless but still cold.

Cartoonist, Designer and Illustrator