Swahili woman collage

Swahili woman collage - student project

I've been interested in digital collages and just admired them from afar, but I decided to take this class and try to make one myself. The whole process of finding the images was really enjoyable and Marcos broke down the process very easily. With this project I was inspired by this image of a Swahili woman from Mombasa holding a dik-dik circa. 1900, the original image doesn't have much detail and I wanted to keep that in mind as I designed the rest of the collage. I used mostly illustration for the other elements added, and an old letter in Swahili written in Arabic script as well as a quote I found at the top that translates to 'I'll follow my heart'. I really loved the class and will be making more collages in the future! 



The biggest struggle I had was finding high quality images that would fit in the collage, but perhaps next time I'll have to take extra time to really look for good quality images as that adds to the beauty of the collage. Thank you Marcos for this class! Any feedback/critique welcome :)