Super Easy Piña Colada

Super Easy Piña Colada - student project

I had a thousand things to do, but Ohn Mar gave me an itch to tackle a recipe! 

I admit that don't often go through all of these steps of gathering inspiration and drawing compositional thumbnails, so it was fun to give it a whirl. My painting composition turned out to be different but I've learned to give myself plenty of liberty (to hopefully) improve as I process. 

Since I work best and quickest in watercolor, I did most of my work by hand and scanned the elements to create this piece. Dark backgrounds watercolor are tricky so I spent as much or more time in photoshop & illustrator as I did painting. But hey, that's alright as long as the end product is well worth it!

I'm thinking about doing a chat on Periscope to compare this with another drink recipe I did over ten years ago!

Kudos to the students in this class that produced such fun and beautiful pieces! And thank you, Ohn Mar for your sweet disposition and informative class!


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