Study - student project

I approached this 101 class with all my attention and as a study.
First, I know nothing about the chemistry between pigments, speaking literally and metaphorically- how they marry and how they argue.

Another problem for me is that I purchased several sets of watercolors thinking- let my practice choose the One for me, for the future, if I decide to continue . They are not in tubes and for sure they have very different properties. In any case I love them and I am ready to study them even if I'm waiting also  for my essential Daniel Smith to come soon.

I don't regret I put myself through this extended study- I learned so much, and I know it it so much to study yet.

In addition to fundamental basics ( don't rush, keep the brush clean, work with only 2 colors at a time, change water, keep the paint pans on the wheel so no mistakes with blues...), I need also to learn how to properly evaluate the proportion of water and  pigment and how to make it flow and mix.

I ended up without favorite- all 3 have pluses and minuses but now I see their best qualities better and could use them once I start my real practice.

White Nights are good and strong but I have to be more careful choosing the paper, I have a feeling they have more binding agent inside and I still work on  how to properly mix them with water. 

Mission is gold class - strong and juicy, but I have only 12 colors and my reds are not so well defined as cool and warm so I have brilliant orange but not so much of violet/purple. I could use Magenta instead of Permanent red and maybe I will try,  but in any case- my warm is too orange and my cool would be too pink...

And Kuretake Gansai are so different- they like to be used very watery with great care for transparency- then they shine.

( when my passion for watercolor started this spring I thought my personal preference is for very pale, watery and transparent I see how difficult is to make this kind really strong and beautiful, so I changed and now my plan is  to master first  full colors and their relationships and only then to think of transparency).

And, of course, thousand thanks to Chris for these classes!
When you start on a path without being properly instructed chances to quit and forget are much more. When they show you and explain how to catch the fish- you see the world differently and find your meaning faster.