Studio, by Jena Buckwell

Studio, by Jena Buckwell - student project

Final Presentation for Studio by Jena Buckwell. Creative Brief and process work below. Feedback very appreciated!


I am currently gearing up to start seriously selling on Etsy, and possibly elsewhere as my shop develops. I am a Graphic Designer, working in Brooklyn, NY, but would very much like to open up my career possibilities (meaning moving out of NYC and leading a slightly slower lifestyle) by freelancing as a Graphic Designer and creating my own products to sell.

At this time, I see freelancing as the more financially stable option (and I took the time to really get myself set up for some serious freelancing), but want to create a side business making things that I love without the overarching opinion of a client. I want to use this course to focus primarily on the development of my product business, but also want to keep that business connected to my graphic design work. Because I am so commited to keeping the two connected, I plan to sort through both in terms of Creative Briefs and will be referencing my current aesthetic of my freelance brand identity while developing my product line's identity and the products themselves. My product line's brand identity needs to be cohesive my freelance identity, but softer, more feminine, to reflect the nature of my products (Studio is truly my expression of my feminine side, while my Design work tends to be masculine and streamlined).

My main products to focus on, as of now, are: printed goods (cards, journals etc.), pattern/surface design and jewelry. I realize this range is way too broad and overtime I want to really hone in on what makes sense for me, but at this time, I am still exploring and trying new things and just enjoying being creative outside of my 9-6 job. 

Creative Brief, for Studio by Jena Buckwell, but also with a bit of background information about my freelance work as I am really aiming to keep everything cohesive.

Background: Who is the Client and what is their current situation?

Jena Buckwell is a Freelance Graphic Designer and Art Director. With experience working for some of the biggest fashion publications in the country, her experience in print, tablet and web design is hard to beat. Experienced working for large companies, as well as designing for small business owners in the fashion, accessory and beauty industries.

Studio by Jena Buckwell is a product extension to Jena Buckwell's freelance work, including printed work (card, jornals, fine art prints), surface/pattern design for homegoods and jewelry design.

Objective: What are they trying to accomplish?

Represent the aesthetic of the product, the underlaying aesthetic of Jena Buckwell's work, which is clean, sophisticated and strong, while still representing the more feminine side of the product line.

Target audience: Who are your ideal customers?

Women between the ages of 25 and 35. People that appreciate unique items and gifts that are clean and strong, with a feminine touch.

Message: What are you trying to say? 

Studio by Jena Buckwell is a source for elegant, feminine modern paper, homegoods and accessories. A perfect gift to a friend or to yourself.

Competition: Who is the competition?

There are many, many similar shops on Etsy and out in the world. There are many, many surface/pattern designers. Ideally, I would like to be competing with the likes of Rifle Paper Co., Leah Goren, Leah Duncan etc.

Distinguishing Characteristics: What makes the client unique?

Jena Buckwell is a unique designer and Art Director because of her love of modern, minimal design mixed with her ability to create friendly, approachable work. Easy going, yet bold and definitive, there is a sense of whimsy in her work that remains professional, deliberate and focused.

Studio by Jena Buckwell is unique because it appeals to women who enjoy a bit of softness, but that are still modern, simplistic and sophisticated. Feminine without being juvenile.

Creative Considerations: Specific directives that should apply.

Cool, soft colors (mostly grey) with an occasional bold spot color, clean, nothing too harsh, design for who Jena Buckwell WANTS to be and for the clients/customers she wants to attract.

Tone/Key Words: What personality does the client want to project to their audience?

Clean, Modern, Feminine (Soft?), Friendly


Here are a few preliminary logos. I am really happy with lockup 1 and 2, but have yet to make a final decision on 3a and b. I really, really love them, but would like to choose between one or the other. I would LOVE to get some feedback on all logos. I would like to decide on a primary lockup (probably one of the 3's) and still have solid secondary lockups to use when the need arises.


I am very happy with both of these, but tend to prefer the first one more. I guess I'm just not ready to rule out the second option just yet. I think I veer toward the first swatch because it is not overtly "girly". One my words in my Creative Brief is "feminine", which I guess I don't take as literally as most people. I consider myself (and Swatch 1) to be very feminine, but in no way girlish. Thoughts? Feedback would be awesome!

I started applying the above swatch palletes to my logo lockups, and while I thought at first that I would be going with Swatch 1, I quickly became more and more conflicted when I saw Swatch 2 actually applied. I ended up mixing the two pallettes a bit and trying out the combination that's here in the middle. I would really appreciate any feedback on this! 

I also worked on typography choices. I use Avenir Black and Avenir Light in my logo and want one serif typeface to go along with those if needed for body copy etc. I am a bit torn between Sentinel and Archer. I tend to really like Archer with Avenir, but Sentinel feels like a sturdier option (and the x-height matches Avenir Light perrfectly!) Thoughts?

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