Street Photography - Kuala Lumpur

Street Photography - Kuala Lumpur - student project

These are some my work, and I hope viewers will enjoy my work. I am constantly striving to learn how to shoot better. I really admired Craig's work especially his ability to look for details on the street and I hope I can do the same as well. For now, I want to practice more on abstraction works as well as producing nice colour for images. And I am very thankful for this class. 

update 3/3/2020 : added in latest 6 new photos on the top. I went out for shoot almost every weekend and I find myself getting more and more un-satisfy with what i get. Maybe I am being more criticised on my own photos. The thing about street photography is that you could walked all day long and get nothing and maybe just a split second, something is everything. 

update 3/20/2020 : added in latest 3 new photos on the top. The urge to do better each time and the dissatisfaction feeling is getting stronger. I can't help to look at the work of many street photographers in this world and admired their work. Recently I dig deeper into the work of Saul Leiter especially his abstraction works which amazed me every time I look at it.

update 4/20/2020 : added in latest 2 new photos on the top. not much pictures to share here. As the world is now dealing with the pandemic, I stayed at home most of the time and didn't get the chance to go out for a walk. Often times I keep looking back at my own images thinking how I can do better. I just can't wait to go out again. Hope everyone stays safe.