Stranger Things Arcade

Stranger Things Arcade - student project

Stranger Things Arcade is my first attempt at motion design animation. This is a “fair use” project for educational purposes only that contains some "transformative" works.

This was my first time using After Effects, and this course by Jake Bartlett was so thorough. In it he covers the 5 main transform controls (Anchor Point, Position, Scale, Rotation, and Opacity), how to use preComps, keyframes, adjustments layers, null objects, and even how to best export your project. Additionally, I learned to used After Effects plugins: AEUX which I used to export my project files from Sketch to After Effects, and Omino which essentially allows you to apply a mask to a path, and is what I used to make the snake-like heads for The Mind Flayer.

See more about my design process here:


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