Storyboarding - student project

I decided to work with the McFloat script so that I could really focus on the storyboarding itself. It was enjoyable coming up with two different concepts.At this point I had difficulty starting the actual sketching, but eventually after some time I was able to break through. (My protagonist is a observing duck)

I was happy with my frames, and decided to pick frame 1 to style. Looking back on it, I would have chosen frame 7, for I had trouble keeping frame 1 clean and direct (it's one of the more busy-looking frames). After various color changes, I landed on my end product. Once again, after styling it I've realized it is pretty busy and not very clean, but it was a good tricky problem to try to solve. (I went with more of a concept B look)

Thank you Sarah for such a good, informative class! I have already used your presentation tips on a client, and it made me feel way more professional and organized!



flower procreate brush is from Lisa Glanz