Story - student project

In my twenties I got a job that I loved except for one thing, we have to dress formally most of the time. So, I found myself in fast fashion shops like Zara, buying the clothes for my new outfit. Then I realized that this was not OK. I have always been an admirer of the artisans and their designs in Mexico. But when I finally was voting with my wallet, I was choosing to give my money to the big corporations. I looked for other options before realizing that the style of the Mexican traditional tops was not in line with the office’s dresscode.

This is the reason why I founded Nyxal. I want to provide women with a multipurpose and stylish top that is embroided by Mexican women artisans under fair trade conditions.

If you are one of these women who also love to support their values through their purchases, our tops are stylish and comfortable (the fabric is super soft ). You can check out our shop and find your favorite top.