Stop playing with our rights!

Stop playing with our rights! - student project

The topic I chose was Womxn's Rights, in particular the Womxn's Day Protests which occur on the 8th March. The day has been very much commercialised and made into a day of pampering and celebration which although nice, forgets the root of the event and its ongoing importance. I live in Berlin so Womxn's Day is about taking to the street and reminding our governments that the equality we fought for 100s of years ago still hasn't been achieved. 

I therefore looked back to old posters for women's suffrage and rights and noticed how much more bold and aggressive they were and were dominated by a red-black-white colour scheme. They had a power to them which today we see in the Polish women's rights movement which uses bold colours and strong iconography and words. 


I wanted to merge all this together into a sort of subtle invitation campaign leading up to the Womxn's Day protests. There is no location in particular, just a day and an invitation to reflect on what the meaning of that day is to womxn all over the world. 


Through my brainstorming, I linked the visual idea of it all to playing cards and so the phrase "stop playing with our rights" was coined. Iconography representing various topics (but certainly not all) were used to create playing cards with the date of the event. The twist to these cards is that they are actually stickers, distributed in a tuck box with a flyer containing relevant information about womxn's rights and what one can do to support equality in their city, country or worldwide and initiative to follows. The stickers could then be plastered all over the city (in Berlin, sticker bombing is a very common and effective way to spread the word).


Thank you for the motivation and lesson!!


RBG is the Ace. 2 - Equality, 3 - Inclusivity, 4 - Objectification, 5 - Femicide, 6 - Strajk Kobiet (Poland), 7 - Female Genital Mutilation, 8 - Period Tax, 9 - Self inflicted abortion, 10 - Black Friday Protests