Still Life Value Painting - Apple

Still Life Value Painting - Apple - student project

First of all, I would love to thank Mr. Fowler for his amazing teaching! Over the courses of his that I have watched, he has become a major inspiration to me and my art. I would never have been able to complete something even as simple as this without his classes.

This is my first ever digital painting, and to be honest I am quite proud of it. The total time spent of this project was around 1.5 hours. I ended up only using the brushes that were available to download, and even though they are somewhat limited, I really like them a lot.

Below is a comparison photo of the apple I painted (Right) and the reference image that came with the class (Left). I really hope I was able to capture the likeness of it.

Thanks again Mr. Fowler and I look forward to taking your other courses.

Student and Hobbyist